Hi and welcome to my little world at Annie Zorzo Studios.  I’ve mentioned quite a bit about me, handbags and what I hope to achieve with this blog on the column to the right.  So I thought here, I would tell you some other stuff about me and how I got here.

Believe it or not, I feel like I’ve come late to handbag making party.  My life before handbags and Annie Zorzo Accessories was one of corporate Human Resources projects for AMP.  I was involved in many projects and wrote quite a few reports, but the part of my job that I loved most was training others and rolling out new policies, procedures and systems.

I guess it is that training, and the imparting of knowledge and understanding, that has stayed with me through various changes my life has undertaken.  When leaving the London College of Fashion, with my Batchelor Degree firmly in my hand, it wasn’t going out to conquer the world with my designs and bag making abilities that I was aiming for.  What I dearly wanted to do, was to become a Technician in the making studio at University, helping students problem solve the tricky elements in the construction of their own designs.

2008: My Graduation day with my husband Lucas and our little girl.

In so many ways I feel like I have come full circle.  From high school and not being able to pursue textiles in my senior years as the only student wanting to do it; to now living and breathing the construction of leather and fabric handbags almost every single day.  And from the path life took me on to end up in corporate training; to now stepping into a medium where I can impart knowledge and understanding once again, but on a completely different subject and through a completely different class-room.

So that’s me and some of the journey that got me to this point.  The book of me and my handbag world is still being written, and there will be many more chapters yet to come!

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